Thursday, April 18, 2024


DiRT 5 - Street Chase

DiRT 5’s Dynamic Weather Fuels Adrenaline-Packed Tracks

From snow-dusted Norwegian tracks to the stormy sands of Arizona, this racer packs a visual punch and adrenaline-fueled action. But does its robust track customization and lively multiplayer compensate for a thin career mode? Discover the full throttle truth.
Need for Speed Unbound - Grafitti Style

Need for Speed Unbound: High-Octane Races Meet Fresh Comic Book Style

Dive into the stylish chaos of Need for Speed: Unbound—where every night race is a high-stakes ballet of speed and police chases, all dressed up in a bold comic book style. Discover if this thrilling reinvention can fuel your adrenaline on the streets of Lakeshore.
Detroit Become Human - Front Picture

Detroit: Become Human – Blade Runner Fans, This Game is for You!

Detroit: Become Human is a game where your choices truly matter. One wrong decision can lead to a character's death, forever altering your story. Are you ready for the responsibility?

Mysterious Small-Town: A Review of Twin Mirror

While Twin Mirror boasts some unique gameplay and intriguing concepts, it seems Dontnod may have bitten off more than they could chew. Get the inside scoop on what works and what falls flat in this game.

Beyond Moscow’s Dark Corners: The Expaned World of Metro Exodus

Join Artyom in Metro Exodus, the thrilling conclusion to the Metro series. Venture beyond Moscow’s dark tunnels into post-apocalyptic Russia. Shape your journey and find a new home in this immersive survival adventure.

Metro: Last Light Redux – Post-Apocalyptic Moscow Shooter Sequel with Great Story

Metro: Last Light Redux is a super cool post-apocalyptic shooter that throws players into a totally detailed world full of danger and mystery. Even though it has some tech issues and AI quirks, it gives you a really awesome experience with amazing visuals, a cool story, and intense gameplay.