Sunday, June 23, 2024
Golden Axe - Intro Screen

Lost Arcade to Prime Time: Golden Axe Swings into Comedy Central

Old-school arcade fans, rejoice! Golden Axe will get a wild animated reboot on Comedy Central. Get ready for a nostalgic blast of side-scrolling, monster-bashing fun.
Assetto Corsa Evo, prequel to Assetto Corsa

Asseto Corsa 2 will be Named Assetto Corsa Evo, and its Knocking on Door!

In early April, Kunos Simulazioni announced that the sequel to the legendary Assetto Corsa will not be named Assetto Corsa...
Star-Wars-Outlaws-Kay-Wes-Fighting-Shooting Flying Robot and Stormtrooper

Star Wars Outlaws: Out on 30th of August 2024!

Live out your Star Wars outlaw fantasies this August in Ubisoft's latest title, Star Wars Outlaws. But can Ubisoft deliver a Star Wars experience worth the price tag, especially with their recent AAA stumbles? We dive into the details.
Ubisoft Star War Outlaws Rated in Australia Kay Vess

Star Wars Outlaws: Signs we are closer than we think?

The South Korean Video Games Council rated Star Wars Outlaws as "Not for Teen" because of its mature content. The...
GOG Teams Up with Amazon Luna Cloud Service on DRM Free Cloud Gaming

Does DRM-free GOG dream of Amazon Cloud?

Is this the end of the reign of DRM in gaming? GOG and Luna have joined forces to provide seamless gaming experiences across multiple devices with popular titles like The Witcher and Cyberpunk 2077. But can we really trust this new era of gaming without restrictions? Let's dive in and find out.