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Ghost Of A Tale (The WeekEndGame)


I’m not entirely sure how does a little mouse minstrel fit into the St. Patrick’s weekend. All I know is I freakin’ love this game!

Indie Go, Go!

Funded in an IndieGoGo campaign, Ghost of a Tale is a pretty much just one man’s passion project. That man is Lionel Gallat, a veteran animator who had his work featured in, among others, The Lorax or Despicable Me films.

I mean, honestly, how can one be not immediately hyped for that thing? Also, I’ll have you know that it’s built upon the Unity engine while looking like this:

“Oh… oh!” is what you’re after. You’re welcome.

Cutehammer: Minstreltide

I can’t help but think of the Stormvermin of the excellent co-op brawler Vermintide whenever a guard passes by a cupboard or a barrel Tilo, Ghost of a Tale’s adorable little protagonist, hides. Yeah, I do appreciate that hordes of naked mole rats in a wild blood spatter bonanza don’t exactly spring ‘adorable’ but where Vermintide sows violent mayhem, Ghost of a Tale does the exact opposite.

In a true fairy tale fashion, it’s all mousy-sneaky-sneaky-squeaky-squeaky and none of that ratty-stabby-stabby that we’re going to be doing in this fantastically pleasant, essentially a 3D-realised point-and-click adventure with a dash of stealth and a little RPG. And we’re going to be looking exceptionally cute in the process.


2018’s first WeekEndGame concludes on the one weekend I was pretty damn certain I ain’t gonna end up playing video games. So how’s your hangover?


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