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Metro 2033: Redux – Survive the Mutant-Infested Russian Underground

Metro 2033 Redux - Front Cover
Metro 2033 Redux - Front Cover

Title: Metro 2033 Redux
Developer: 4A Games
Publisher: Deep Silver
Released: August 26, 2014
Platform Reviewed: PlayStation 4
Platforms Available: PC Game, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Linux, macOS
Article Reading Time: 7 minutes

Step into Metro 2033: A Post-Apocalyptic Survival Game 

The story is based on the book of the same name by Dmitry Glukhovsky. It takes place in Metro 2033 in the year 2033 (surprisingly!) in Russia after a nuclear war(surprisingly!). The Earth’s surface as we know it no longer exists. Harsh and inhospitable conditions prevail everywhere, and humanity has had to take refuge underground, in this case, in the vast complexes of the Moscow Metro. Some stations have been turned into small settlements teeming with the lives of dozens of people waiting to return to the surface once more. Unfortunately, even in the Metro, people are not safe. Most stations face constant mutant raids and, last but not least, a brand newly – horribly dark. 

The main character is a young man named Artyom, who also serves as the narrator in the game. His station has become the target of frequent attacks, resulting in a dwindling fighting force and never-ending waves of mutants. Artyom is tasked with traveling to the remote Polis station to seek assistance. It becomes evident that things will be more complex than they seem. “Metro 2033” was developed by the relatively new studio, 4A Games. Upon closer examination, it is revealed that its founders originally came from Ukrainian GSC Game World., the creators of the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series, and this influence is apparent in the game.

Gameplay Mechanics and Tutorial: Navigating the Dark Tunnels

The game opens with a brief tutorial, introducing players to fundamental gameplay mechanics such as using a gas mask and navigating through tight spaces. The story then shifts to the past as the protagonist, Artyom, begins recounting his experiences. With over 20 chapters, the game offers approximately ten hours of gameplay on normal difficulty. The initial gameplay experience is captivating, with the first half hour standing out as one of the most intense and engaging introductions in the video game industry at the time.

Immersive World-Building: Exploring the Populated Subway Stations

The populated subway stations are bursting with life. People are talking amongst themselves, small children are chasing each other amongst the adults, food or homemade weapons are being sold, pigs are being bred nearby, etc. Unlike in Stalker, however, you can’t dialogue with people, take side quests, or trade (with a few exceptions). 

You won’t find that in Metro. So everything just acts as a visual gateway that makes the world perfectly believable, and you get along with it beautifully. As I’ve already described, Stalker is similar in world and gameplay, but you have to forget about the vast world whole of side quests. There’s simply no room for anything like that in the dark tunnels of the Metro. 

The game is more similar to the Call of Duty series, where you go through a closed corridor from point A to point B without the possibility of getting lost, and with the help of many scripts, that make the game a truly luxurious experience. You’ll rarely be alone on your journeys through the subway tunnels, and the teammates, aided by dozens of scripts, draw you into the game perfectly.

Combat Encounters: Facing Human Enemies and Mutant Threats

As for combat, I have to differentiate between human and mutant combat. The humans, i.e., bandits, fascists, communists, and others that can be encountered in the tunnels, are good to fight against. Artificial intelligence may not work 100% at times, but it has its bright moments when the enemies cover and cooperate. Stealth techniques can be employed in places, where you’ll be turning off lamps, avoiding traps and pitfalls that would attract a curious patrol (broken glass, hanging cans), and trying to dispatch one by one in silence. Sometimes, it is possible to get through the parts this way, and sometimes not, but you can’t say that stealth is just for show.

Facing mutants presents an even more significant challenge due to their tendency to attack in large groups, their ability to endure multiple shotgun blasts to the head, and their knack for depleting your ammo reserves. Dealing with mutants can be incredibly frustrating and intense, creating a nightmarish experience within the game. Moreover, mutants often swiftly close the distance and engage in chaotic close-quarters combat, making it extremely difficult to aim precisely.

Weapon Variety and Ammunition: Usual Scavenging for Survival

There are just enough weapons in the game. In addition to a knife, pistol, and dynamite, you can also carry a shotgun and a submachine gun. They are nicely processed, but I missed some information about the effectiveness or accuracy of each weapon. Several times during the game, you will be at a shopkeeper who will offer you several new pieces, or you will have the opportunity to exchange your current one for one you just found. Still, you would look in vain for any comparison with the current one.

The game uses old pre-war ammunition as payment, which is far more effective than homemade ammo. You can rearm with it anytime, but I recommend doing so only in the most urgent cases, as you can practically shoot out all your “funds” that way.

Audiovisual Excellence: Crafting a Believable Post-Apocalyptic World

What the game really excels at is the audiovisual design. Rarely will you have a more immense expanse in front of you. Hence, the developers could play with even the finest details and design a believable post-apocalyptic world. The old and dark tunnels of a long-abandoned subway have never looked better. Several times during the game, you even get to the frozen surface of war-torn Moscow.

Minor Drawbacks and Final Thoughts on Metro 2033

As for the gameplay, I’d say that such a pure RPG might not be wrong, but at least a few elements, like in the Stalker mentioned above, would be enough. For example, an inventory or the ability to get better armor or parts to upgrade weapons. All that can be collected are weapons and ammo, and even more so, by collecting them directly from the bodies of fallen enemies. If the corpse of a bandit is lying on its stomach, for example, you can’t see if it has a machine gun clip attached to it at all. Hence, you need to be more alert and thorough in your search for valuable ammunition.

So, in the end, we get, as I said, a linear corridor shooter like Modern Warfare. The subway map is huge, but you only look at a fraction of the stations. However, a slightly more open world with a few optional stations made the game more lively.

Metro 2033 is an excellent survival action game. It stands out for its ultimate atmosphere of a post-apocalyptic world (which, by the way, was conceived initially) . These are smaller colonies of people in stations fight against aggressive mutants but also against each other. Game offers a tremendous audiovisual treatment, which presents a natural spectacle together with a bunch of scripts. It is spoiled by occasionally frustrating fights with mutants and a few minor bugs. it’s a super-decent game that, despite its similarities to the Stalker series, has its own identity that no action game fan should really miss.

Metro 2033 Purchase Options

Experience the haunting depths of post-apocalyptic Moscow in Metro 2033 Redux on Steam as PC Game, Mac Os Game or on Steam handheld.
Get Scared in fantastic postapo Metro 2033 Redux on PlayStation Store
Survive the mutant-infested tunnels by purchasing Metro 2033 on GOG.
Immerse yourself in the atmospheric world of Metro 2033 on the Xbox Store in a bundle.
Explore the dark and gripping story of Metro 2033 on the Epic Games Store.
Shake your hands with your Nintendo Switch playing Metro 2033 Redux

Metro 2033 Redux verdict:
85 %
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metro-2033-redux-survive-the-mutant-infested-russian-undergroundMetro 2033 is a captivating survival game set in the dark, post-apocalyptic tunnels of the Moscow Metro. With immersive world-building, intense combat encounters, and audiovisual excellence, it offers a unique and atmospheric gaming experience. Despite minor drawbacks, such as frustrating mutant fights and limited RPG elements, Metro 2033 stands out as a must-play for action and postapo game fans


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