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It Takes Two: The Ultimate Co-op Adventure for Friends and Kids

It Takes Two Poster Front
It Takes Two Poster

Title: It Takes Two
Developer: Hazelight Studios
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Released: March 26, 2021 PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC Game
Platform Reviewed: PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4
Platforms Available: PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Microsoft Windows
Article Reading Time: 11 minutes

It Takes Two Frog Taxi
It Takes Two Frog Taxi Event

It Takes Two Review

Today, the acclaimed game developer Josef Fares, first made his mark on gamers with the excellent Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, which built on a very emotional story of two brothers, but also with innovative and to some extent original gameplay. The game became a huge hit and after completing Brothers, Josef Fares decided to start his own studio Hazelight, where he created the two-player action-adventure game A Way Out under EA, in which he once again showed his storytelling skills.With his latest game to date, Josef Fares once again demonstrates his ability to tell emotive stories that can grab the heart, but at the same time lighten it up with many comical moments.

Emotional Family Crisis Plot

The plot of the play revolves around a little girl, Rose, who one day learns that her parents, Cody and May, can no longer live together and want to break up. This is understandably a big blow for the little girl.  Rose does not want to accept the situation, so with the help of Dr. Hakim’s book about love and tears, she reincarnates her parents into the form of a rag doll. They want to get out of this curse of theirs as soon as possible, but they don’t know that the only way is not through their daughter’s tears, but about finding their way back together so that the family can be together in the future. However, it won’t be easy, as there is a long road full of pitfalls leading to the destination. 

It Takes Two The Clock Cody and May
It Takes Two The Clock

While the story can definitely engage and is very well presented, the biggest draw is without a doubt the gameplay itself. Before I get to that though, I should mention that It Takes Two, like A Way Out, is purely a two-player game, so you won’t be playing it alone. So you have to take this into account before you buy. Thankfully, the developers have incorporated not only local co-op, but also online support, which also comes with a Friend Pass. Thanks to it, it is enough if only one player owns the full version. Both can then go through the entire game in co-op together. It’s just maybe a bit of a shame that players with the Friend Pass don’t get to count any trophies while playing, so they’re actually rewarded “only” by playing the game itself, which they don’t actually own.

Gameplay, the Basic Wedding Stone 

But now, finally, to the gameplay. It Takes Two may look like a simple co-operative platformer at first glance, but this is a bit of a deception. Rather than being a platforming affair, I’d describe It Takes Two as a two-player co-operative experience that surpasses virtually all co-operative competition with its variety, playfulness and great design and attention to detail.

In fact, the game combines a number of game genres and contains a plethora of gameplay mechanics, making it rather difficult to classify. In one level you’re trying to overcome tricky obstacles, jump on platforms or solve simple puzzles, in the next the game becomes an arcade shooter, a puzzle affair, an adventure game or a Diablo-style action game where the heroes control magic or a sword. Thanks to this combination of genres, the game never gets boring, always serving up something completely new and therefore constantly learning a new style of play, so it’s easy to have fun all the time, which is supported by great design and polished gameplay. Everything has its place in the game, there are absolutely no dead, boring or drawn out passages, and the different parts build on each other perfectly.

It Takes Two Challenges Everywhere
It Takes Two Challenges Everywhere in the House

Setting of the House

The game takes place in the bowels of the main characters’ house and its surrounding area, or at least it should, but that’s not really the point. What’s more important is that you don’t have to worry about walking around the same-looking locations all the time, because the developers didn’t spare any variety here either, and you’ll get to see what it looks like in the nursery or other rooms, for example, but then you’ll also get to explore the forest, the underwater life and the snowy little villages. In addition, the developers show new ideas in each chapter, constantly surprising with something and at the same time giving the main characters original equipment that makes every part of the game a unique experience, which you also use to move around the levels or to solve clever puzzles.

While at the beginning I got my hands on some kind of slime-shooting weapon and a rifle buddy, there were also games with time or magnets, and I’d rather keep quiet about the others for spoilers. Aside from the puzzles and various obstacles, the game is literally riddled with well-designed boss fights, which are as imaginative as the rest, each one different, fun, and a great fit for the level being played and the game itself.

Split Screen not just in Local Play

It Takes Two is not only unique in its variety, but also in what you see on the screen. Even if you’re playing with a friend online, the screen is split so that you can see not only your scene, but also your friend’s scene, just like if you’re playing a game in local split-screen mode. At first I wondered if this was unnecessary in online mode, but it’s not, as some of the logic problems, jumping passages, and other obstacles require synchronization from both players, so you need to see exactly what your friend is doing and where they are. As a result, split-screen is a gameplay mechanic in many situations that fits the concept itself perfectly. I got used to it after a while and had no problem with it. On the contrary, I was surprised at how the developers used the split screen for the gameplay itself.

Minigames and Side Content 

While going through the game which takes around 12-15 hours, I gradually came across a lot of minigames which you may or may not get involved in. However, it would be a great shame not to mention them. I have to mention that I found each of them fun, interesting and a joy to tug-of-war with a friend, compete through an obstacle course or target shooting. What’s definitely great is that you unlock each minigame one at a time in the menu, so you can quickly start them at any time afterwards without having to replay the game. I definitely need to improve my score on some of these in the future, as I was completely useless at them.

Play with a Kid!

This game is set in the disastrous family crisis of mommy and daddy as we already said. Take your kid playing it, the understand whats going on, enjoying the story and challenges and you can always step up once big struggle appear. They are motivated to help Cody and May and keep the family together. Its great fun and well time spend with young ones for sure, and leave you thinking of your own struggles and overcoming them with closest one. Actually this is one of the best game you can play with your offsprings, go and really do that!

Excellent Responsive Controls 

It Takes Two is also great to play thanks to the perfectly tuned controls, so that the main characters always do whatever you “command” them to do. If you fail, you’ll always have yourself to blame, you won’t be able to complain about the controls, nor the camera, which most of the time takes up exactly what you need to see. But you can always tilt it yourself as needed.

But the game is also accessible to casual gamers, as they always explain new game mechanics through text, or even the heroes themselves give you hints with some sort of catchphrase at the beginning. The difficulty is not somehow high, the developers obviously didn’t want to torment us unnecessarily or throw sticks under our feet. They wanted players to enjoy the game as much as possible from the first moment to the return to the menu after finishing. On the other hand, I have to mention that for some puzzles, I had to think hard at times and had to mobilize my brain.

It Takes us to the End

t Takes Two, at first glance, seemed like just another cartoonish platformer, perhaps unworthy of its Game of the Year title when pitted against heavyweights like Resident Evil 8. This was my stance until I delved into its world. Despite these initial reservations, playing the game showed me how it transcends the platformer genre and delivers a truly memorable co-op experience.

In retrospect, I initially had a negative opinion of the game “It Takes Two” when it won Game of the Year in 2021. I couldn’t understand how a cartoonish platformer could win over games like Resident Evil 8. However, when I played it about a year ago with a friend, my opinion completely changed along the play.

Throughout the game, I was drawn into its playful spirit, especially during moments like riding bugs or tackling bee challenges. Initially, I chuckled at these amusing aspects with a friend, somewhat undermining the game’s potential depth. But soon, I realized It Takes Two is much more than just a platformer; it’s a multifaceted journey, artfully blending various genres.. The lighthearted moments, such as riding bugs and the amusing voice acting, had me laughing throughout. Despite my initial bias against platformers, I realized that It Takes Two is much more than just a platformer. It combines various genres, making it difficult to classify.

Upon finishing It Takes Two, my perspective shifted dramatically. What I once viewed as a mere platformer, revealed itself as a genre-defining masterpiece, standing unchallenged in its unique combination of co-op and platforming elements. I came to see why it not just deserved, but truly embodied the essence of the Game of the Year. It stands out as the top game in its genre, combining co-op and platforming elements in a way that is unrivaled. The game is way ahead of others in its category.

It Takes Two is a great co-op game that will win you over with its variety and masterful design, along with likeable characters, a well-written story with comical elements and amazing audiovisual design. I haven’t had this much fun with a co-op game in a long time, and I don’t really know what to criticize about it. Josef Fares and his team have created a true masterpiece of the Co-op genre that has rightfully earned the title of Game of the Year 2021. If you want to make yourself happy, buy It Takes Two and play it. You and your friend will have a great time!!!

It Takes Two: Where to Buy or Look More Around into the Game

  1. SteamBuy “It Takes Two” on Steam, the popular digital game distribution platform. Experience the co-op adventure that won Game of the Year at The Game Awards 2021.
  2. PlayStation Store – Get “It Takes Two” for your PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5 console from the official PlayStation Store. Dive into this innovative two-player game that combines action, adventure, and puzzle-solving.
  3. Xbox Store – Purchase “It Takes Two” for your Xbox One or Xbox Series X/S console. Join Cody and May on a thrilling quest to save their relationship in this groundbreaking co-op title.
  4. OriginBuy “It Takes Two” directly from EA’s Origin store and experience the game that has captivated players worldwide with its unique gameplay mechanics and emotional storytelling.
  5. Epic Games Store – Get “It Takes Two” on the Epic Games Store, known for its exclusive releases and developer-friendly policies. Traverse a variety of imaginative levels in this award-winning co-op adventure
  6. GOGPurchase “It Takes Two” DRM-free on GOG.com, the platform dedicated to offering games without intrusive copy protection. Enjoy the freedom to play this critically acclaimed co-op game on your terms
  7. It Takes Two on Nintendo Switch: Play this ultimate co-op game on your Nintendo
  8. “It Takes Two” is a critically acclaimed co-op action-adventure platformer game that follows the story of a couple on the brink of divorce who must work together to overcome challenges and save their relationship. (Wikipedia)
  9. Developed by Hazelight Studios and published by Electronic Arts, “It Takes Two” has received high praise from critics, earning an impressive Metacritic score of 88/100 for its innovative gameplay, stunning visuals, and emotional storytelling. (Metacritic)
  10. “It Takes Two” has been lauded by reviewers on OpenCritic, where it holds a 90% average score, with critics praising the game’s creative level design, varied mechanics, and the way it seamlessly integrates cooperative play into the narrative. (OpenCritic)
It Takes Two verdict:
93 %
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it-takes-two-the-ultimate-co-op-adventure-for-friends-and-kidsIt Takes Two, the acclaimed co-op adventure from Hazelight Studios and Josef Fares, transcends the platformer genre to deliver a masterful blend of gameplay variety, emotional storytelling, and innovative mechanics. Rightfully earning its Game of the Year title in 2021, this genre-defining masterpiece stands unrivaled in its ability to combine co-op and platforming elements, creating an unforgettable experience that will captivate players from start to finish.


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