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Race To GOTY 2017: Ruiner


2017 is the year of Ruiner. And I will now tell you why is that.

If there’s an added value to the pleasant surprise of 2017’s machine-gun delivery of excellent video games, it’s its abundance of some of the best twin-stick shooters I’ve gotten to play, probably ever. And do I love my twin-stick shooters!

Even when there’s no epileptic hack ’em up action, Ruiner has… presence.

The orgastic Nex Machina lead the thumb torturing charge for a while, to be shortly followed by the amazing Cryptark (well, technically a side-scroller but very much twin-sticky). And where Cryptark‘s ingredients included a tactically-approached roguelite, the next, X-Morph: Defense, has sown some tower defense into the dual analog mix. I knew I was in for a hard time come Race to GOTY.

Until the screen started to flicker wildly and said, ‘Kill Boss’.

A very Blade Runner-y presence.

Ruiner didn’t just click with me. It knocked my socks off, gave me an enema, cocked that shotgun and blew my brains out. Its breakneck, dash-heavy combat, cartoonish, epileptic slow-mo butchery in quintessentially cyberpunk nastiness of an environment is truly something. But the confidence with which it lets you play your way, that’s something else, and that’s why it’s here.


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