We don’t play politics. Except for when shit’s just too much to take.

As it does on the Internet, some Guild Wars 2 writer’s public post about narrative in MMOs attracted a bit of commentary. And no, we’re quite reluctant to call the gentlemanly reaction from who turned out to be a partner, promoter and Guild Wars 2 content creator, criticism. It was just that; a commentary, an opinion that happened to counter the writer’s. Upon which the writer went absolutely batshit ballistic.

As this incident along with her, quite eye-openingly disgusting online history suggests, the writer in question is an utterly deluded, self-privileged individual who’s willing to bar no holds and drown anyone who so much as suggests to disagree in all fiery vitriol any spoiled brat is able to come up with. It got her fired, as it would. And yeah, this is the I-am-a-victim after the fact kind.

But this is not about her. Frankly, I’d rather sit in the park and salivate on dog shit in attempt to bring it back to life than post about that… thing. This is about the mainstream game “journo” outlets rushing to pat her on her back. By actually twisting facts.

Where PC Gamer goes to tell the story in a very ambiguous – as opposed to impartial – manner, Kotaku proceeds to give this challenged individual’s delusions she probably mistakes for “defense” the spotlight, blatantly cherry-picking Reddit for some “shocking toxicism” (you’re welcome to have a read and come back to me, good luck finding that shit). And then there’s Rock Paper Shotgun.

ArenaNet have fired two Guild Wars 2 writers for tweets they made this past week. In doing so, they’ve thrown their lot in with players and harassers who make unreasonable demands of game developers. Good work, ArenaNet.

Yes. And that’s just the opening. There are many adjectives I could use to describe what Graham Smith’s intestines manage to produce next, but in my own blood pressure’s interest, let’s just say it all oscillates between ‘deliberately slanted’ and ‘factually incorrect’. This is a site I enjoyed reading a lot, hell, this is a site I went for most of my news to, a site that helped shape some of my opinions.

The, now deservedly ex, ArenaNet employee is just a sad sad being not worth a blind-foldedly typed line. The plain fact that prominent, renowned videogame “journalists” twist facts, push their own selective narrative and lie, let alone in defense of a notoriously vitriolic, narcissistic piece of shit? Well, that’s something completely different. Then again, both those sides seem to have severe difficulties of grasping this thing called reality.

Therefore; fuck you, PC Gamer. Fuck you, Kotaku (well, that one kinda goes without saying). And most of all, fuck you Rock Paper Shotgun.


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