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3 Reasons Why Windows 10 Is The Worst Windows Ever


I’d even go as far as to say it’s the worst operating system ever. And we, who play games on PC, have no alternatives. Literally none.

I’ve seen, and used, some shit on computers in my life. From Apple’s ProDOS, through IBM’s OS/400 or OS/2 Warp, multitude of BSD and Linux distros, all the way to the abomination that was Microsoft’s Windows ME. Let me tell you one thing: as far as the truly shit part of all that shit goes, Windows 10 takes the cake.

The following is based solely on my experiences with my own four Windows 10 devices: a desktop with 64-bit Professional, two laptops with 64-bit Home editions, and a tablet running the thing in 32 bits.

Look at this absolute vomit of a UI.

Catastrophic Mess Of A UI

I, for one, applauded Windows’ 8 (8.1) bold move to get rid of the stupid and obsolete start menu. It was fresh, utilized the (under-utilized) keyboard super efficiently and once I got used to the change, it rocketed Windows 8.1 to the very top of my favourite Windows iterations. What I still bemoaned though, was the vast inconsistency in UI.

Having two separate UI’s for system’s settings was bad enough, functional overlaps between the two was downright ridiculous. Surely though, Microsoft was to fix this in their lauded one-OS-to-rule-them-all, Windows 10. They didn’t. They made it worse. Much, much worse.

Windows 10’s privacy settings. You have got to be shitting me.

Data Collection Left, Right And Centre

There is no doubt in my mind that Windows 10 collects your personal data. A lot of your personal data, all the fucking time. Those deliberately cryptic settings buried away in that sad excuse for a UI? Yeah, I’m pretty sure they’re either dependent on some other, even deeper buried ones, or simply do jack shit.

Windows 10 arrogantly, completely underhandedly re-enables advertisements and data collection settings after each major fucking update. Microsoft is gradually forcing the always-online Cortana “assistant” (a.k.a. Clippy 2.0) onto everyone by making it increasingly difficult to get rid of. Also, call me paranoid here, why the fuck does the default ‘Downloads’ folder always take upwards of 5 seconds to load on all my devices when others, even network ones, are instantaneous?

OK Windows, which part of ‘NO’ exactly do you not understand?

We Know Better

Yep, Windows 10 knows better than you, puny fuck. It knows everything better, all the time. That update you have ‘hidden’ using Microsoft’s very own tool because it was sending the comp into a bootloop? Nah my boy, here it is, mere seconds after you’ve spent hours in a frustrating combo of googling and navigating the impenetrable UI. The fact that you have set Windows to not automatically fuck about with hardware drivers? Ain’t nobody got time for that shit, we’ll just go ahead and install some spanking new sound card drivers, that with missing DLLs! Or maybe we’ll remove some junk drivers for you… what’s this Nvidia thing, surely you won’t be needing it, like, ever?

Those network drives you said to have remapped on each reboot? Yeah, you see, we’ll sometimes map them and other times we won’t coz our fucking system just boots too damn fast for its own good! And yeah, that ‘shut down’ button? That’s not a real shut down at all you silly prick. We’ll also put your grouped system tray icons behind the taskbar one random day so they’re not actually clickable. Because fuck you, that’s why.

It goes on, and on, and on, and on. Until yours truly buys a fucking Macintosh for work and a PlayStation for games. Because I’ve just about had it with this bullshit.


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