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Bellfortis: Upcoming Hardcore War Strategy from Rake in Grass

Bellfortis War Strategy

Bellfortis Rake in Grass Early Access in 2024
Bellfortis Rake in Grass Early Access in 2024
RakeinGrass Youtube Channel: Bellfortis pre-alpha teaser

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Rake in Grass teased an upcoming game on Vortex.cz in April 2024. Developers have shared initial information about their forthcoming historical strategy PC game, Bellfortis. According to the creators, the game is set in the tumultuous early medieval era, where the first European kingdoms strive to strengthen their power and withstand pressure from raiders coming from the east and north.

Bellfortis promises to combine tactical turn-based maps with real-time action combat. Players choose a faction, stabilize their land, subdue other rulers, and build a prosperous empire. The game offers multiple approaches: brute force or political maneuvering to secure powerful alliances.”Pavel Tovaryš from Rake in Grass describes Bellfortis as heavily inspired by games like Total War: Medieval II, alongside titles such as Crusader Kings III and the classic Centurion,” said Pavel Tovaryš from Rake in Grass. However, the game aims for a faster pace, arcade-style combat, and overall intense gameplay tailored for those with limited gaming hours.

Despite its historical inspiration, developers approach the subject with creative freedom, focusing primarily on enjoyable, entertaining, and slightly offbeat gameplay characteristic of Rake in Grass titles.The project is currently halfway through development, with current materials still needing to be representative of the final product. Bellfortis is set to launch in Early Access on Steam later this year, with a full release expected in the first quarter of the following year.

Rake in Grass a Czech game development studio founded in 2000, has garnered recognition for its diverse and engaging titles across multiple platforms. Notable among their portfolio is Jets’n’Guns 2, a celebrated twin-stick shooter known for its intense gameplay and extensive customization options. With a solid rating of 80% on Metacritic, it has resonated well with players for its challenging missions and polished mechanics. Strategy enthusiasts appreciate Jets’n’Guns Gold, offering deep tactical mechanics and relentless action.

Jets’n’Guns at 60% discount on Steam Summer Sale

RPG lovers can explore the fantasy world of Northmark: Hour of the Wolf, which provides strategic card-based gameplay and a good story experience. Player feedback highlights its engaging gameplay and unique setting. Their latest release, Warlocks 2: God Slayers, immerses players in a magical universe filled with challenging quests. It has been praised for its whimsical atmosphere and satisfying gameplay loop.


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