Bobby “Perpetual Frat Boy” Kotick’s latest triple fuckin’ A live service Diablo 4, having seen a massive 1.1.0 patch recently, has found itself on a slippery downward slope. Its Metacritic user scores are taking a beating on all platform fronts, and its subreddit is booming and blooming with negativity. Nerfs all around pretty much nuked player agency and creativity in character builds and caught the game finally up with the triple fuckin’ A live service trend, turning it into a full-time job. All that comes sprinkled with stealth changes, which, I mean, one’s just gotta love.

But wait, it’s even worse, as Reddit poster u/Shin_yolo puts it beautifully on a single page. I don’t play Diablo 4, and never will, so I’ll resort to quick-fire paraphrasing. This is the first major patch Activision-Blizzard have released and it’s a complete and utter disaster. They haven’t got the first clue what they want out of the game (aside from all of their customers’ money, that is) or where the game is headed. They are either grossly incompetent, deliberately malicious, or infinitely stupid. My guess would be a little bit, or rather a lot, of all three.


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