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Ubisoft Will Make You Know Star Wars Outlaws Game Has Big Maps

Starwars Chewbacka
Starwars Chewbacka

The ritualistic murder of the Star Wars franchise is one sight to behold. One sociopathic corporation after another take turns over its long dead body to have their sick ways with it. The saddest part is, it just doesn’t seem to be any closer to a point where the screaming just mercifully stops. Make no mistake. Star Wars is well and truly dead. What’s not dead is open world live service shovelware manufactorium and a safe haven for sex predators, Ubisoft. Which is bad news for poor old, yup, you guessed it, Star Wars!

Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Far Ghost Creed Recon Cry Outlaws may have a release non-date of “2024” but we have already been blessed with some details on it. They are just as meaningless and underwhelming as one should expect from this video game slopsucker elite, but the one picked out on Reddit really hit me like a ton of bricks. Wait, size of the map? Really? Didn’t we have this conversation around the time No Man’s Sky sucker-punched itself onto the shelves? And wasn’t the outcome of that conversation that the map size means jack squat? Do these corporate hacks understand anything they pretend to be doing?

Nah, who am I kidding. The (meta) story of Star Wars is one of unchecked greed and annihilation of creative arts. Ubisoft and their big maps fit right in.


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