Content is a good thing. Blind pursuit of it, not so much. I’m not talking about Stories: Path Of Destinies. Yet.

The WeekEndGame End

I admit that I’ve been a sloppy fuck and, inadvertently, let The WeekEndGame slip into something it shouldn’t be. Wannabe-reviews putting quantity before quality is that thing I’m talking about The WeekEndGame shouldn’t be.

A couple of changes then await as a result of my attempt to put it back on track; to talk casually (coz I ain’t a fucking pro) about a weekend-long experience with a particular game. Yep, singular. Change numero un.

To maintain image sizes within reason whilst keeping their “glorious (fucking) 4K” resolution, I have gradually drifted towards greater and greater compression. Quality suffered and I’m sorry. It’s properly downsampled 1080p from here on out, no sharpening, no compression artifacts. Change numero deux.

Stories Of (Not So) Old

Stories: Path Of Destinies (god, that title is shit innit?) was released last year, an event that has managed to completely circumvent my grabby fingers. But the Universe, it seems, had a plan.

As of now, the game’s a free gift on when you preorder Hob. That on top of a 10% discount. And since I tremble in anticipation of what Runic have cooked up since their superb Torchlight, I couldn’t not pounce on the deal like a hungry tiger.

[foogallery id=”1479″]

Kind of reminiscent of the aforementioned Torchlight (among them other things), Stories: Path Of Destinies turned out to be quite a blast. Be it not for the mild technical annoyances, I wouldn’t hesitate a second to call it a hidden gem.

So, what have you been up to this weekend?


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