Crysis (The WeekEndGame)

Who here remembers tagline-turned-hashtag-turned-meme, ‘but can it play Crysis‘? We know we do.

But Can It…

My plan to approach this little revisit was simple: find how to hack the shit out of its console – every good PC game had to have a console, then go on a landscape photography walk. The goal was to eventually show how well did this eleven-years-old wonder age. Spoiler, it aged insanely well.

Somewhere along the way however, I stowed my virtual DSLR, whipped out the SCAR rifle, banged a silencer on and enabled cloak mode. What started as a tribute to Crysis‘ defining, and undeniable, graphical prowess, ended up being a super-soldier blast I can’t call anything else but good old.

Few games are instantaneously recognizable by a single environmental shot. This is one of them. Truly iconic.

Play Crysis?

Whilst, indeed, this WeekEndGame remains a trip through its most iconic vistas, I can’t hide the fact that Crysis is so much more than means to flex your mean PC hardware. Having played it through again after all those years, it’s as close to one-of-a-kind shooter as they get.

The flow capitalizes on the age-tried formulae of Half-Life or Far Cry and pits you against human soldiers in order to build up to some alien encounters. Before you hit the truly grand finale, you’ll have been running on foot, driving Humvees and tanks, even flying a VTOL craft through almost sandbox-wide environments. But we have seen aliens, combat variety and blurred corridors before. What we seldom have is the player equipped with basically one weapon throughout a game. Even less often, the player being that weapon.


The Nanosuit is absolutely pivotal to Crysis‘ emergent setups, and its tactical, proactive and reactive, gameplay. I can gush about it for weeks which I, sadly, didn’t find space for in what I set out to do this weekend. Let this gallery then be two things. One, a display of how games could look a decade ago. Two, a vessel of imagination of what’d you do there if you could do, well, anything.

Make Sure It Does Play Crysis!

The stunning Alienware 13 R3 OLED plays it on the go like you have never seen it before. Hook up a Logitech G502 Proteus for all your maximum speed needs, and a Logitech G633 Artemis Spectrum 7.1 headset to get immersed in the stunning environments. Tried and tested, you bet your sweet posterior it is!

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