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TheWeekEndGame: A Sneak Peek, Into Death



Ah. The beautiful end-all state. Join us as we explore a journey towards the inevitable, a journey where resistance matters little. The tenth WeekEndGame is all about death.

Ever Early Space Death Access

Like there wasn’t enough incentive to spread gibberish about procedurally-generated… space… stuff, our closely-watched in-vacuum pew-pewer Everspace has hit Steam’s Early Access last week.

I can’t say that anything about it hasn’t thrown me slightly off-balance. Yes, it’s fast-paced and jolly arcadey, yes, it’s as gorgeous as an UE4-powered deed is expected it to be. But it’s… a roguelite?

At just over 6 hours under my belt, albeit reluctant to straight-up recommend Everspace, I am still not exactly opposed to the idea. The dying-then-coming-back-stronger loop does have a certain hook to it. And, well, apart from the stupid chromatic aberration which I failed to remove, so do the graphics.


Rite 2 Die

Having conquered all Left 4 Dead 2‘s campaigns on ‘advanced’ difficulty (yeah, we suck), a little survival training was in order we reckoned. Before we take it up a notch in the campaigns anyway.

What follows is a bunch of 4K crops from various ‘survival’ stages. Usually not too long before we, you know, kicked the bucket. A high-res gallery of merciful death, if you will.


Something tells me it’s more shenanigans in space for the next WeekEndGame, but if that truly is so remains to be seen. Now don’t be a screw and share some of yours in the comments down there.


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