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Kingdom Come: Deliverance Will Hit the Nintendo Switch in March – Get Medieval Anywhere!

Kingdome Come Deliverance Front
Kingdome Come Deliverance Front

Big news for all you gaming nomads out there! Kingdom Come: Deliverance (KCD) drops onto the Nintendo Switch on March 15, 2024. That’s right, you can now take your medieval shenanigans on the road!

X: Warhorse Studio Tweet

KCD isn’t your average RPG. You’re Henry, a blacksmith’s son, thrown into the chaos of a country at war. It’s all about making your mark in a beautifully detailed 15th-century Bohemia. Think sword fights, dramatic choices, and a story that keeps you on your toes. And now, it’s all going portable.

Kingdome Come Deliverance Battle

Warhorse Studios has worked some serious magic to fit this epic adventure onto the Switch. Expect all the intense quests, stunning landscapes, and heart-pounding battles, but now you can play it on the bus, in a café, or cozied up in bed.

So, get ready to dive into a world where your choices matter and every fight could be your last – all from the comfort of, well, anywhere! Keep up with the latest on this and other cool gaming news at weplaygames.net. Time to get medieval on the move! 🏰🎮🛡️

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