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The WeekEndGame: To Sneak Or Not To Sneak


I’ve been on holiday. Then I started to slave away, for freedom. Freedom to do this more often. What is this it you ask? Well, play video games. What was your first clue?

To Sneak

The Sniper Elite series never really grabbed me by the collar. I vaguely remember taking the second one for a short spin. Finding it was just your bog-standard 3rd person WW2 shooter, and a damn frustrating one more times than not, I moved on. Until I heard someone comparing the fourth one to Hitman.

It’s not Hitman (I do hope what you actually hear when I say ‘Hitman’ is Blood Money), at least on the outside. While where it isn’t Hitman should be quite clear from the setting and premise, where it is Hitman is what matters. A lot of emergent gameplay is a good amount of it.

Not To Sneak

Now Vanquish is absolutely nothing, even remotely, like Hitman. It’s as much like Hitman as Deadpool is like Leon. That’s not a bad thing, not by a long shot. Pun intended.

Before it was ported to PC, Platinum’s Vanquish has been affirming its now-very-much-undeniable cult status on PlayStation for scarcely believable seven years. I had thought of it at moments in those years, imagined how insanely cool it must be. And now that it’s here and I’ve beaten it twice, I can honestly say I didn’t imagine it quite insane, or cool, enough.

As I said in the beginning, it’s been a jam-packed busy time. Not busy enough for me to go on a complaint spree, but busy enough to keep me off blogging about video games. And it’s not just that. Paradoxically, 2017 has been making absolutely sure I don’t blog about video games by… throwing video games at me. It’s a year like no other and you bet your sweet arse we are going to do it justice. Stay tuned!


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