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Mick Gordon and Emanuel Palalic Left DOOM Behind and Cook a FPS Game with the new “emptyvessel” Studio

emptyvessel Studio
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New Studio emptyvessel Assembles Top Talents who worked on DOOM, The Last of Us, Max Payne, Rage and Atomic Hearts or Tomb Raider!

emptyvessel, a newly formed game development studio, brings together a star-studded lineup of industry veterans known for their work on critically acclaimed titles such as DOOM, The Last of Us, and Uncharted. The studio’s focus on “immersive shooters” suggests a commitment to delivering high-quality, engaging experiences in the vein of games like the Wolfenstein reboots, DOOM 2016, and Prey.

Key members of the emptyvessel team include:

Mick Gordon, composer for DOOM Wolfenstein, Atomic Hearts, Killer Instincts
Emanuel Palalic, a game director, known for Killing Floor, DOOM
Garret Young is a general director known for games like DOOM, Quake, Rage, or Forza Motorsport under the wings of Activision or Microsoft.
Wei Ning, tech director, worked on Bladerunner 2049 film
Kevin Powel, senior design director, worked on Borderlands, Smite, Tribes, and other developers who worked on The Callisto Protocol, , and Tomb Raider. While details about emptyvessel’s first project are scarce, a sneak peek has been revealed, hinting at the studio’s ambitious plans. Watch this emptyvessel (super noisy!) video about control and chaos locked in battle

emptyvessel on X post

With such an impressive roster of talent, emptyvessel is poised to make a buzz in the gaming industry, particularly in packed First Person Shooter genre

As the studio continues to develop its inaugural title, fans of action-packed, story-driven games will undoubtedly be eager to learn more. Stay tuned for further updates on emptyvessel and their upcoming projects.


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