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Alien: Isolation – Excellent Survival Horror and Xenomorph Terror

Alien: Isolation - Front

Title: Alien: Isolation
Developer: Creative Assembly
Publisher: Sega
Released: October 7, 2014
Platforms Available: PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC, Linux, macOS, Nintendo Switch
Platform Reviewed: PlayStation 4
Article Reading Time: 10 minutes

Alien:Isolation - Xenomorph
Alien:Isolation – Xenomorph

Alien: Isolation

After a disappointing attempt with Aliens: Colonial Marines, newer great tactics Alien: Dark Descent, This older take – Alien: Isolation pleasantly surprised me, so here’s my review!
As a fan of the Alien franchise, I was thrilled to feel my blood rushing as I tried to survive against a ruthless Xenomorph. I must also credit the developers at Creative Assembly, who, despite their lack of experience with this type of game, managed to create the best video game based on Ridley Scott’s renowned film.

The story of Alien: Isolation focuses on Amanda Ripley, the daughter of Ellen Ripley from the original movie Aliens. Based on some information about the missing ship, Nostromo, Amanda decides to join an expedition to investigate the events surrounding the ship’s disappearance. As part of this, Amanda attempts to discover what happened to her mother. But as you can guess, nothing goes according to plan, and the expedition turns into a fight for her life.

The thing is that after arriving at the Sevastopol, which is identical in type to the Nostromo, which stopped at the last coordinates of the missing ship and trying to get on board, an explosion occurs, and you find yourself on board. However, you immediately realize that something is wrong on board. Not only are there barely any lights shining, there are rivers of blood all over the walls and floor and crazy noises echoing around the ship, and the last survivors are defending their lives tooth and nail. Soon, you will also see why the fear of life is sown in the eyes of the entire crew. Of course, you’ll also realize that the company wants nothing more than a living xenomorph organism, and they don’t really care about you.

Alien:Isolation - Closing In
Alien:Isolation – Closing In

Fear, Anguish, and the Fight for Life

Right off the bat, I must admit that the atmosphere in this adaptation of Alien is really choppy, and you’ll soon find out why. Alien: Isolation is a survival horror in every sense. Much of the credit for this goes to the superbly executed graphic design in which the play of lights and shadows plays a significant role… primarily the shadows. Moving around the corridors of the Sevastopol evokes a sense of anxiety. If you decide to play the game ideally at night, you should prepare your spare underwear and defibrillator. The game even evokes such an atmosphere that after a while, you feel that you are really there and that your life is at stake. But this was only achieved because this game was given more care, and besides the graphics, the game was not brought to such a level by the perfect soundtrack, which takes the atmosphere even further.

I must not forget another important element in the game: the NPC characters, who are also at a reasonable level and fulfill their roles as they should. Even when it comes to the androids of the company, they don’t want anything about the existence of this creature to get out. If you break any company’s orders and visit forbidden areas, these “joes” will destroy you without mercy. And, of course, we have the central character of the game – the Xenomorph. He is finally in this game what he was always meant to be, a ruthless killing machine with high intelligence that is not easy to kill. 

Quiet and Careful – The Only Way to Survive

I could basically divide the game into two parts. The first part is before the first contact when you don’t really have to concentrate on not being heard anyway, but believe me, you’ll resort to that anyway with the atmosphere, and then after the first contact with the intruder, when the game takes on a whole different vibe. You must be careful with everything you do because even if the intruder is unknown, you’ll still hear something moving behind you through the vents. Even after you get the motion sensor, you’ll constantly face the fear of where that “black pig” is going to jump out at you.

Thus, in the game, it is crucial to plan your movements, be very careful, and, if possible, not draw too much attention to yourself, as the intruder reacts to noise. What’s also great about the game is that if you lock the room with the intruder with the emergency button by the door, forget about resting. The Alien doesn’t need a door to get into the room, and more than once, I found myself trying to save the game, and more than once, the Alien’s tail ran through my body. Saving here is an entirely different thing from most games. You have to save the game on the so-called phone, where there is also an input to the card, which you insert here and hold for three seconds; during this process, you are highly vulnerable; you can not defend yourself, and you even have a limited view around you.

Enemies – Stupid and Smart at the Same Time 

The artificial intelligence in the game works flawlessly most of the time. The human opponents in the game are primarily scared and concerned with their survival; it’s a good idea to avoid direct confrontation if possible, even if you have a revolver or flamethrower later in the game. The intruder isn’t just after you; the crew can be used as bait to escape. However, if you shoot someone, count on the fact that you will not only get the attention of other people but also of the bloodthirsty monster.

Other enemies you may encounter are androids. Right away, it must be said that dragging them with a wrench on the head from behind once is not enough, and from the front, you wound cover. The android stops for a moment, but even after a few moments, it is on the move again. So you’d better avoid confrontation again or use a firearm or flamethrower, but it’s best to save that for the worst bitch present – whoever that is…

Alien:Isolation - Flaming Alien is Good
Alien:Isolation – Flaming Alien is Good

Environment: Manhole to Hide not Enough

Now for the worst part… The Alien here is truly a beast, and directly confronting it means guaranteed death without a flamethrower. If you encounter it, take cover immediately and avoid the noise. Overall, the Alien can react to many things and will find you even in manholes or if you hide in closets, so don’t use the motion sensor as it reacts to his beeps. You can still get around the intruder and hide from it; even if you hide around a corner and the intruder doesn’t look, you can let it go and sneak away. 

The developers should also be commended for the fact that the game doesn’t just have you running through corridors and trying to survive by zigzagging between enemies but that you can use the environment to overcome various traps. So, enemies can be bypassed by venting. Hiding under desks, in closets, and various other places. It’s also possible to turn off room lights to let smoke out of the ventilation or unlock and lock particular doors or shafts. Panels on the walls are used for this purpose. In the game, it is also possible to get through locked doors in other ways, such as picking external locks, hacking an electronic lock, or cutting the lock with a plasma torch. 

Alien:Isolation - Alien Encounter
Alien:Isolation – Alien Encounter

Tools of Alien Encounter and Avoidance

As you navigate through the treacherous landscape, it is imperative that you not only arm yourself with weapons but also learn to craft various toys that can help you survive. These toys include medipacks to heal yourself, smoke bombs to obscure your enemies’ vision, flashbangs to disorient them, electro-mines to shock them, and sound traps to lure them away from your location. To create these items, you must scour your surroundings for materials and conduct diligent research to acquire the schematics or blueprints necessary to build or upgrade them. So, be sure to keep an eye out for useful components and note any valuable information that can aid you in your journey to safety.

Alien:Isolation - Xenomorph in Troubles Grilling
Alien:Isolation – Xenomorph in Troubles Grilling

End of Xenomorph’s Pleasure

Alien: Isolation is undoubtedly the best game created based on the legendary movie prequel. It boasts an immersive atmosphere that draws players into the game’s world. The story is well-crafted and keeps players on the edge of their seats as they progress through the game. The game’s terrifying moments are so well-executed that players will feel genuinely stalked by the deadly Xenomorph. The sound design is perfect, with every creak and hiss adding to the game’s suspenseful atmosphere. The stunning visuals, with attention to detail, immerses players in the game’s world. Finally, the Alien is perfected visually and behaviorally, making it a true masterpiece. In short, Alien: Isolation is a dream come true for fans of this alien beast and a must-play for any gamer looking for a thrilling horror and immersive experience.

Where to buy Alien: Isolation

Creative Assembly Website: Alien: Isolation Official Website
Game info page PlayStation Store: Alien: Isolation on Playstation Store (PS4)
Xbox: Buy Alien: Isolation on Xbox
Steam: Alien: Isolation on Steam (PC)
Epic Games Store: Alien: Isolation on Epic Games Store (PC)
GOG Store: Alien: Isolation on GOG (PC)
Nintendo Store: Buy Alien Isolation for Nintendo Switch

Alien: Isolation Verdict:
87 %
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alien-isolation-a-masterclass-in-survival-horror-and-xenomorph-terrorIn Alien: Isolation, the fear is palpable as you navigate the treacherous corridors of the Sevastopol, hunted by a ruthless Xenomorph that feels unnervingly real. Creative Assembly has crafted a masterpiece of survival horror, capturing the essence of Ridley Scott's iconic film and delivering an unforgettable experience that will leave you both terrified and exhilarated. Alien: Isolation is a must-have!


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