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Resident Evil 2 Remake Is Masterclass of its Own

Ultimate Remake of Resident Evil Series Game

Resident Evil 2 Remake Cute Zombie Selfie!
Resident Evil 2 Remake Cute Zombie Selfie

Title: Resident Evil 2
Developer: Capcom
Publisher: Capcom
Released: January 25, 2019
Platform Reviewed: PlayStation 4
Platforms Available: PC, PlayStation 4 Playstation 5, Xbox X/S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch (Cloud)
Article Reading Time: 12 minutes


As we know, remakes of older titles are mainly for players who didn’t have the pleasure of playing them in the years of their release, but in many cases, they also please those who played them in their original form. Remakes are a considerable risk if they are not approached with enough sensitivity to the original. It can quickly happen that a game adapted for the latest generation is entirely different from its years-old predecessor. It plays differently. It looks different. In short, some remakes are so advanced that they can take away what is essential to the game, albeit unintentionally.

Have you ever encountered remakes of old video games that give them a new look and add a few extra innovations without losing the original atmosphere? Such remakes are a rare gem in the gaming industry. They bring back the nostalgia of the original and introduce the game to a new generation. One such example is the Shadow of the Colossus remake, a true masterpiece in every sense. The game’s developers have taken great care to retain the original game’s essence while incorporating some new features that enhance the overall gaming experience.

Similarly, Resident Evil 2 is another honest piece of work that has been given a lot of care and attention. The game has been remade with utmost respect for the original, and every detail has been meticulously crafted to perfection. The result is a game that pays homage to the original and stands on its own as a great game in its own right.

Leon and Claire’s Nightmare Begins

The story takes place in Racoon City, where you start your journey at a gas station. There, you meet Leon S. Kennedy, a new member of the Racoon City Police Department, and Claire Redfield, who is searching for her brother Chris, a member of the S.T.A.R.S. Special Forces. However, things could be better in the city. Infected people roam the streets, and danger lurks around every corner. The Umbrella Corporation, a shadowy organization, is behind all of it, and the sinister question mark that hangs over everything is unsettling.

As you progress through the game, you can play either Leon or Claire, and I highly recommend playing both. While the storylines may seem similar, they diverge and intersect at various points. Each character meets different people, explores different areas, and acquires unique items, providing a fresh perspective on the story.

Playing as Leon and Claire allows players to experience the game from two angles and adds depth to the narrative. The paths of both characters intertwine in unexpected ways, and their individual experiences reveal more about the world of Racoon City and the nefarious Umbrella Corporation.

The story is captivating, with an excellent narrative that centers on well-written dialogue and a small cast of characters with solid characterization. This leads to several well-timed narrative twists, which, unlike most games with similar themes, feel unrestrained and surpass the norm.

Inventory Management Survival

Managing your allotted small inventory is one of the initial challenges you will face as you start playing Resident Evil 2. This inventory space will stay the same throughout the game unless you find bags hidden in safes and locked cabinets that can expand your inventory size. However, even with the expanded inventory, you should still expect a smaller inventory than you may have experienced in open-world RPG titles.

The game puts you in a scenario where you must make careful decisions about what items to keep and what to leave behind. You may want to prioritize healing items and ammo, but if you come across a crucial item you need to progress in the game, you may have to put away some of your precious healing items.

Thankfully, the game offers the option to store unneeded items in a chest. However, few chests are available and shared, like in Episode 7. Therefore, it is vital to be strategic in what you store and what you carry with you. You should keep items you will need later in the game in the chest.

In summary, managing your inventory is a crucial part of Resident Evil 2, which you must deal with from the beginning to the end of the game. Be prepared to make tough choices, but with careful planning, you can successfully complete the game.

At the beginning of the game, the player’s arsenal is limited to a single pistol. This forces the player to be accurate with each shot since every bullet is precious. However, as you progress throughout the game, you will acquire new weapons, such as the mighty shotgun and flamethrower, which offer a more comprehensive range of combat options. Despite the expanded arsenal, the player is not invulnerable, and ammunition remains scarce. This means that the player must consider whether it is worth engaging in combat or conserving resources for later. The need to survive adds extra stress to the gameplay, particularly when the player decides to avoid fighting and instead runs through a location. Even when the player chooses to flee, enemies relentlessly pursue them, making each game moment tense and action-packed.

Solving Puzzles Amidst the Chaos

This is further enhanced by puzzles and riddles scattered throughout the game’s story. These are some of the main things that remind you that you’re playing an old classic. You have to find a key to get into a room with an object to open a door, where there’s another object to open another door, and so on. To get through the game this way, you’ll have to think about where you’ve been and what you’ve found there. This approach may not suit some, but the need to consider and execute an idea when the game won’t give you a moment’s rest can kick you into gear like no other contemporary title. You’ll also still search for maps, notes, and records, mixing gunpowder of varying quality and multicolored flowers. In short, mechanics-wise, everything works perfectly, and the remake retains the core of the old original in this regard.

Capcom’s latest changes to the Resident Evil 2 remake have been met with excitement and anticipation from fans of the classic survival horror game. The developers have made one of the most significant modifications to the game’s camera perspective. In the original version, the camera remained static throughout the game. However, the camera is moved behind the protagonist’s right shoulder in the new game. This perspective makes all the action on the screen more evident, allowing you to see everything and decide where to go next.

Familiar Threats and New Horrors

You’ll encounter numerous dangers as you explore the game’s various locations. The undead zombies from the original game and other familiar monsters such as lickers, infected dogs, and much more are back. But the most significant threat you’ll face is Mr. X, the Tyrant. He’ll be chasing you relentlessly throughout the game, trying to slow your progress and make you his next victim.

All these dangers make Resident Evil 2 a thrilling and challenging experience that will keep you on the edge of your seat for hours. Are you ready to face your fears and fight for survival?

Older memories will notice that there are few changes. Not all were given space in the remake, but that is not necessarily a reason to condemn it immediately. The developers have really worked hard with the enemies, and if you take a moment to observe them, you’ll find that they behave very unpredictably. For example, the undead look lazy, shuffle along corridors, or crawl through windows (which are ideal for boarding up if you have the wooden planks to do so), and you may think that killing them will be easy, but the opposite is true. Clumsy sloths can turn into fast killers in a second, capable of surprising you by charging at you from behind. And we’re only talking about the most ordinary ones in the game.

Tyrant: An Unstoppable Force

I had the biggest problem with the lickers. They can hear almost every step you take, so you must move as quietly as possible and pray they don’t walk past you or jump off the ceiling onto your back. Then your only salvation is either a knife that you can stick in the neck of the lickers and undead or a grenade in your inventory. As for Tyrant himself, he can only be incapacitated for so long by headshots, as he’s almost invulnerable and can walk through anything in his path, whether it’s a simple wooden door or a hard wall. If he catches you and believes that he will, then prepare yourself as hard hits and chokes from the stereo will be hard to come by.

I played the game on a Playstation 4 without the slightest technical difficulties. The second game uses the engine from the seventh installment and looks beautiful. Cutscenes and animations are on a solid level, and the textures and all objects are well modeled. Even the smaller ones like keys, medallions, and herbs have been given sufficient care and don’t give a cheap impression of a rushed job.

However, the biggest weapon of the graphics of the second game doesn’t lie in the quality of the effects, of which you’ll see several. If you strip away the smoke, fire, and water, the detailed faces with realistic facial expressions, and the elaborate weapons, you’re left with one of the best damage models I’ve seen in years. Every wound you or your enemy takes is visible, and you can, for example, simply blow off an opponent’s leg, arm, or both and watch them try to crawl or crawl toward you. Other animations are similarly unique. For example, the authors remembered Leon and Claire holding their hips and slowing down when injured. Sound-wise, Resident Evil 2 also retains a certain uniqueness. I’ve never heard a more terrifying zombie roar and licker shuffle that managed to properly freak me out. However, what the developers have played with the most is Tyrant’s stomping, echoing throughout the rooms, confusing my hearing and senses. This is an essential part of the atmosphere, along with all sorts of sounds you’ll hear, be it falling furniture, windows breaking, raindrops ringing against metal gutters. The game is greatly helped by the soundtrack, which, in the more action-packed moments, conveys the tension of the whole situation or, on the contrary, its desperation.

Remaking a Classic the Right Way

As we approach the end of this review, it’s clear that the Resident Evil 2 remake is near-perfect, but not quite. The only downside is that the game allows you to lower your difficulty when you die repeatedly, which is fine after the first time. However, if you keep dying, the game will continue to reduce the difficulty, and you could accidentally choose a lower difficulty that ruins the entire experience.

The Importance of Difficulty

Once you complete the game, it will tell you your final game time and the difficulty you chose, determining your overall grade. Aiming for a high grade is essential because it unlocks the true endgame and other bonus difficulties that offer more challenging puzzles and formidable enemies. This adds tremendous replayability to the game, and you can chase after many bonuses, trophies, or achievements, turning a shorter game into an affair that takes up dozens of hours.

For new players, the game will take around 10 hours to complete on their first playthrough, while veterans who remember the original can finish it in 7 or 6 hours.

Unlocking the True Ending

When I started playing Resident Evil 2, I thought the remake of a twenty-year-old game would be a minor departure from the original. I assumed it wouldn’t surprise me, even if I had never played it before, only watched it. But I couldn’t have been more wrong. The game is a masterclass in creating a proper remake that stays true to its roots while adding new elements that enhance the experience.

A Remake That Surpasses the Original

The game’s sound design is exceptional, and I was on edge when I started playing. The sound effects are designed to keep you on your toes, and the ambient noises are creepy enough to make the hair on the back of your neck stand up. The graphics are stunning, and the level of detail in the game world is breathtaking. The lighting is perfect, and the use of shadows creates an eerie atmosphere that is hard to shake.

The gameplay mechanics have been reworked to bring the game up to modern standards, but they still feel familiar to fans of the original. The game’s pacing is excellent, with moments of calm and intense action that keep you engaged. The puzzles are challenging but not frustrating, and the boss battles are epic and satisfying.

The game’s horror elements are what truly set it apart. The remake is faithful to the original but takes the terror to a new level. The game will scare you with unprecedented cruelty, making you jump out of your chair more than once. The zombies are terrifying, and the way they move and sound is genuinely unnerving. The game’s jump scares are expertly crafted, and the tension builds to a crescendo that will leave you breathless.

Conclusion: A Must-Play Horror Masterpiece

In summary, Resident Evil 2 is an exceptional remake that surpasses the original in every way. It’s a faithful tribute to the original, adding new elements that enhance the experience. The game’s sound design, graphics, gameplay mechanics, and horror elements are top-notch. If you’re a fan of horror games, this is a must-play.

Where to Purchase Resident Evil 2 Remake:

Resident Evil 2 on Steam – Experience survival horror at its finest on PC
Resident Evil 2 for PS4 and PS5 on PlayStation Store – Brave the horrors of Racoon City on your PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5
Resident Evil 2 for Xbox One on Microsoft Store – Uncover the truth behind the zombie outbreak on Xbox One
Resident Evil 2 for Nintendo Switch (Cloud Only) – Get shaken with your Nintendo Handheld playing Resident Evil 2


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