The WeekEndGame SPECIAL: The Rule Of The Satellite


There are not-so-good games. Then good games. Then really, really good games. And then, there are stop-everything-and-play-this games. This WeekEndGame is all about one of those.

System Shock. Deus Ex. Dishonored. Albion. Fallout (not the fourth one). Dungeon Master. As attention-seeking as it may sound, I can, with hand to heart, say that Satellite Reign has made it up there. I have four consecutive, virtually sleepless nights and a bunch of prolonged mid-week sessions to back it up with.

I’ll steer well clear from any story, but spoiling the beautiful locations is kind of inevitable. Mind you, the 4K crops have been post-processed and the galleries do contain some pro tips. Do hit ’em up if you dare. Or care.

Downtown Cyberpunk

I am a sucker for cyberpunk. No, I truly am an utterly insane sucker for cyberpunk. I bought William Gibson’s genius Neuromancer, twice. Each time, I swallowed it in one sitting, literally.

As Satellite Reign spat my team out into the jaw-droppingly beautiful festival of midnight neon, perpetual rain’s vapour, and Chinese-flavoured noise, the trusty ol’ beam that holds all my shit together started to bend. Needless to say, it snapped shortly afterwards. Welcome to Downtown.


Industry of Noise

I honestly believe that Downtown alone is totally worth the asking price of Satellite Reign. That’s bearing in mind that the game revs further up from there. I’ve no idea how’s that even possible, let alone to the extent.

Every single discovery, be it of a vent hidden in the back alley, a random person willing to divulge juicy conspiracist information or a power generator seemingly not connected to anything, opens new possibilities. Decisions are to be made, strategic, tactical. It is of course not exclusively true in the humming machinery district, but it is where it properly hits you.


Sliding Down the Grid

There was nothing that could prepare me for the Grid.

Every inch of the home to the filthy rich (and the filthy corrupt) is nothing short of marvel. The exquisite cutting-edge architecture, the spotless geometry of spotless residential areas patrolled by creme-de-la-creme of police force, the local bank sending a clear message. They don’t need fossil fuels here, they burn money.

In the centre of it all, the stunning Asimov Square. The sight of which, I vaguely remember, made me pee myself a little.


Business as Unusual

In hindsight it makes perfect sense that things get a tad vertical in The City’s CBD. To put it another way, if one expects something along the (sky)lines of London’s City, one is quite right.

Apart from vertigo, CBD is ready to throw everything Satellite Reign has to offer in terms of opposition atcha. Whether to stealth or open hail of bullets, you will have to be fully committed here. I know I was. Too much perhaps.

Admittedly, I did feel a bit OP when my team of sneaky badasses emerged at CBD. On the other hand, I did get to truly unleash the cat-like predatory play and bloody hell was it screaming fun!


I’ll cyber-see you for some more of The WeekEndGame punk later!

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