The WeekEndGame: Donny Vermillion’s Haulin’


As WeekEndGame series slowly returns to business as usual, we cracked open Starcraft 2‘s Kinder egg and looked for a trucking job in Carlsbad, CA, USA. Yes, we’re back!

In Today’s News

It’s patch 3.3.2 for the best RTS ever made, Starcraft 2! And, probably in the light of E3’s onslaught of hype over pink paint tins, nobody seems to give a hoot. Well, we do, a bunch.

The Vermillion Problem is the name of spanking new free-of-charge co-op map and after taking our armies through it a good number of times, we conclude it’s the best gorram thing Blizzard’s thrown in to the mix in a long time.

It’s fiendishly clever, it’s minty refreshing, it’s beautifully paced, it’s exquisitly balanced, it’s… commentated by AI through the rendered mouth of none else than Wings of Liberty campaign’s silly anchor, Donny Vermillion. And yeah, he is, again, pretty damn funny.


What Goes to Vegas…

You may complain that SCS’s American Truck Simulator doesn’t go far enough from their Euro… Same Thing. But, way I see it, it didn’t really have to. It went over the Atlantic already and that’s good enough in my book.

It may be the same excitement all over again, but hell what an excitement it is – just look at all those juicy Things I Never Knew I Always Wanted To Do (In Glorious 4K)!


We continue haulin’ next week. Through the USA and, if that piece of shit decides to actually download and install, maybe in space. If not though, we’ve a backup destination. Stay awesome!

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