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Sniper Elite V2: Berlin 1945 Retro Tactical Shooter Enough to Start With

Sniper Elite V2 Review

Sniper Elite V2 4

Title: Sniper Elite V2
Developer: Rebellion Developments
Publisher: Rebellion Developments
Released: May 4, 2012
Platforms Available: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC Game, Wii U
Platform Reviewed: PC Game
Reading Time: 6 minutes
Level of Maturity: Mature 17+

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I remember picking up Sniper Elite V2 when it was just released. At the time, my PC couldn’t handle it, so I never got to finish the game. I rediscovered it in my library recently and decided to give it another go. I’m thrilled that I did, and I plan to continue with the Sniper series for sure! Without further ado, let’s dive into why Sniper Elite V2 is a must-play for any tactical shooter fan.

The Setting and Story

Sniper Elite V2, developed by Rebellion, is a third-person tactical shooter released in May 2012. It places a strong emphasis on stealth, patience, and marksmanship, just like you’d imagine a real sniper would. The game is set in the final days of World War II, specifically in 1945. You step into the boots of Karl Fairburne, an elite American sniper. Berlin is in ruins, crumbling to pieces, and the atmosphere is heavy with a sense of desperation and tragedy that war inevitably brings. The visuals, while dated by today’s standards, still manage to immerse you in this war-torn world effectively.

Realism and Gameplay Mechanics

One of the standout features of Sniper Elite V2 is its commitment to realism. The bullet physics are the game’s true highlight, particularly when you play on the hardest difficulty. When you take a shot, you must consider gravity, wind, angle, distance, and even your own breathing. It’s not just about aiming and shooting; it’s about ensuring every factor aligns for that perfect shot. And when you do place that perfect shot, the game rewards you with an x-ray kill cam that shows the bullet tearing through your target’s body in gruesome detail. This feature is both morbidly fascinating and oddly satisfying. It’s probably my favorite detail about the game, adding a visceral layer to the experience.

Flaws in Execution

The game isn’t without its flaws, of course. The AI can be a bit inconsistent. At times, enemies are sharp and will spot you from a mile away or even through walls, which can lead to a few frustrating checkpoint restarts. In one mission, I encountered NPCs stuck behind doors necessary to progress, forcing me to restart the checkpoint. It wasn’t too annoying though, rather amusing in a strange way! [Check out the screenshots!] The stealth mechanics, while functional, feel a bit unpolished, especially the stealth kill mechanism. Close-quarters combat can be laggy, and you are very limited in bullets for your side weapons. Yet again, since it is a sniper game, I didn’t mind this limitation too much.

Funny shaking bug
Shaking again

Feeling Like a Lone Wolf

Sniper Elite V2 does an excellent job of making you feel like a lone wolf behind enemy lines. The missions are varied enough to keep things interesting, with assassination missions being my favorite. There’s a real sense of accomplishment when you manage to clear an area without being detected. It’s a game that demands patience and strategy. Rushing in will almost always end badly, especially on the hardest difficulties. I highly recommend playing on these higher difficulties since the easier modes provide aim assistance and overlook most of the intricate bullet physics, which is the core appeal of the game.

Comparing to Its Predecessor

Compared to its predecessor, Sniper Elite V2 is a significant improvement. The graphics, mechanics, and overall polish are much better, and I’m looking forward to exploring the newer releases in the series. For newcomers to the Sniper Elite games, V2 is a great entry point. It offers a robust introduction to the unique mechanics and the careful approach needed to succeed.

Historical Context and Immersion

The attention to detail extends beyond just the gameplay mechanics. The historical context and setting are meticulously crafted, making you feel like you are part of the final tumultuous days of World War II. The ruins of Berlin are hauntingly beautiful, and the ambient sounds of war-torn streets add to the immersion. Each mission location feels distinct, and the environmental design often contributes to your strategic planning.


In conclusion, Sniper Elite V2 might not be perfect, but it offers a unique and rewarding experience that’s hard to find in other games. If you enjoy stealth and strategy shooters, this is definitely a game worth checking out. It stands out in a crowded genre with its emphasis on realistic sniping mechanics and a compelling World War II setting.

For more on the series we are about to write later. Meanwhile stay updated with our latest content, and keep an eye on our website and social media channels. Thanks for you support and game on!

Where to Look for Sniper Elite V2 (or Remastered)

Steam (PC): Not available, but you can purchase a Remastered version directly from Steam
Available for $3.49. Could you check it out on the Xbox Store?
PlayStation Store Sniper Elite V2 Remastered only: The game costs $34.99
Nintendo Shop have Remastered version: Available for $34.99

Visit the Rebellion official Page for more information.
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