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Yet Another Zombie Survivors Twists Bullet Heaven A Bit


Yet another is right. If you thought we’ve had enough of ‘bullet-heaven‘ Vampire Survivors clones (with Vampire Survivors itslef being a clone of mobile-only Magic Survival, by the way), you’d be sorely mistaken. The indie manufactorium isn’t letting up any time soon, even Deep Rock Galactic (!) is getting one of its own. The catch of course is, what’s the twist? What’s the added value to the tried and tested genre?

Well, I got good news. I have just gotten fresh off its demo, and I am happy to report that Yet Another Zombie Survivors looks pretty damn good in the added twist regard. On top of not-too-shabby presentation and a variety of little bits and bobs, it lets you ‘rescue’ other character classes during the course of a run! The resulting squad remains controlled as a single entity and has collective health, but with the rescued other class’ abilities instantly available. How cool does that sound?

You can try Yet Another Zombie Survivors‘ demo for yourself before you decide to participate in its Early Access for an admission fee of EUR9.75 or your regional Steam equivalent. PC only.


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