Two years in the making, the much-anticipated update to Derail Valley has landed in Steam Early Access last weekend and I’ve been an absolute menace to its otherwise pristine environments since. The update adds stuff that’ll have one railfanning for weeks on end. New locos and powertrains, dynamic weather, day-night cycles, or all-new simulation systems. But one does not watch NASCAR for the racing, do they?

The Simulator update takes massive train wrecks to a whole another level as the updated physics now allow for more realistic ragdolls, and flammables to spill onto the tracks and down slopes, even into the valley’s numerous water bodies. The new, pretty much consequence-free sandbox mode lets you create mayhem never before seen. And did I mention you can pay homage to Mr. Addams greatest hobby in VR too?

Derail Valley Simulator, the game’s most impressive version yet by far, is available now on PC.


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