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Wow, The New Doom Single Player Is Stupidly Good


Whatever you say about ever-spreading politics of hate in video games, this wasn’t supposed to happen. An underwhelming multiplayer beta preceded a here’s-our-middle-finger-consumers gesture from Bethesda by not providing review code pre-launch. All that just stank.Also, what’s the point in not calling it Doom 4? What are they trying to achieve with this screaming nonsense? Does it mean it’s a reboot rather than… know what, I don’t care. About any of that. Have a look at a bunch of lovely screens I’ve grabbed during my opening couple of hours with what I still may come around to call the best FPS of all time.

Yeah. Doom is back. And it’s that good Doom.

I’ve been messing around my settings quite a lot so the resolution and anti-aliasing may not be consistent across the gallery, for which I obviously apologise. But because the vast customisation options allow for disabling the HUD and the game is as mind-bogglingly good as it is, it’s not the last of it over here, not by a long sh


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