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The WeekEndGame: Defense Of The Couch



This week we explore the viability of Valve’s take on couch PC gaming, and play a quick, pre-mutator, co-op game of Starcraft 2, tower defense style.

Legacy of Tower Defense

Eagerly awaiting Blizzard’s injection of further primo into already-primo Starcraft’s co-op, we set off once more to form a marriage bit-less-likely than our actual one, of Kerrigan and Karax.

RNG gods throw us into defensive positions around the Xel’Naga temple – an appropriate scenario to try a freshly-acquired Karax’s level 11 ability: warp Pylons, Shield Batteries, Photon Cannons, and the super-duper Khaydarin Monoliths in, instantly. In a manner of overly proud Captain Obvious, I announce my intention to not build any units, none. Zergs do move quickly, but will my still-novice partner in war (and everything else) be up to snuff?


A Couch-Bound Steam Bath

As Elite: Dangerous picks up revs in doing an exemplary hamster-in-a-wheel, and so much as a thought of reinstalling FSX with all its gigantic add-ons – just short of 100 gigs spread over some 10 download and install programs – gives me agonising, splitting headache, I’ve found myself in need of a quick fix. Something different, something fresh. Something that’s neither a keyboard nor a mouse. No, not that thing, thanks.

My Steam Controller arrived shortly after WeekEndGame’s premiere two weeks ago and I’ve been busy throwing a bunch of games at it. For those who can’t be bothered with the gallery, yeah, in good majority of cases, it’s a blast. Totally worth the buck Valve’s asking.


Next time we stop fooling about and cover the second half of the uncannily good Ori and the Blind Forest: Definitive Edition in an eye-pleasing 4K showcase, and quite possibly (well, if Blizzard manages to squeeze it out ’til then) have a look at Patch 3.3. Because there’s never enough Starcraft!


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