Game-saves in the (Steam) cloud were supposed to be the best thing since sliced bread. I’m not sure they are.

It has come to that I have reinstalled my PC to the amazing-yet-sometimes-terrible Windows 10 over the weekend. Now before the righteous hand of the Internets starts spanking me, I did do some work before I went ahead with the (necessary) wipe. Like, among other things, backed-up all my currently-playing games’ save files.

If I was expecting problems I expected them with the online co-op horde-’em-up Warhammer End Times: Vermintide. But none showed, I have simply copied the files back and resumed my Skaven onslaught seamlessly. Not so much with Grim Dawn though.

I have no understanding of how Steam cloud works I find. I had the physical files and I had checked for Steam cloud sync status. Yet when I fired up the game without copying back, I was limited to starting a new character. When I copied the files over, my character was there, at the start of the game, at level 1. So what the hell happened?

Ironically, this is where my save went up in… smoke

I haven’t got a clue. But if my level 29 Warlock didn’t get synced in the first place, where was it saved – why was the local save only at the start of the game? And if it was not saved locally at all, why wasn’t it picked up from the bloody cloud? I know I played Grim Dawn in-and-out for a week before the reinstall and hit no problems whatsoever.

It’s a damn shame because, although frankly not as much as Torchlight 2, I quite liked Grim Dawn and was readying myself to vomit some thoughts about it over these pages. If I ever find the will to start over it’d be some boost to the game’s credit but as it stands, I just don’t feel like it.

What I don’t feel like doing either is rely on Steam cloud to safeguard my saved games. That ain’t happening most definitely.


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