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The WeekEndGame: Carnivorous Carnival In Watercolour



We got ourselves brutalised in some Starcraft 2 co-op, seen Ori re-embark once more on Definitive Edition of the awe-inspiring journey, and held a four-way holy-bloody-mess course in Left 4 Dead 2.

Brutality of the Void

Legacy of the Void‘s single player is almost surgically well built, but not without a couple of problems: it’s a prince to greatness of RTS campaigning in Wings of Liberty which it failed to dethrone, and an unfortunate nail in the coffin of Heart of the Swarm, the not-bad-but-still-weakest link in Starcraft 2‘s solo saga.

Legacy of the Void as a complete game though, is a slightly different story. By gods, we could play this thing until the end of times and probably still wouldn’t get bored with it! It’s largely thanks to its genius commander-character-based co-op, and we’ve been picking up the revs to tackle its ‘brutal’ difficulty. Here’s what happened to my beloved half (as Artanis) and yours truly (as Swann).


Return to the Blind Forest

The eye-wateringly beautiful, and not a tad less competent, platformer missed my last year’s GOTY by width of a hair. As little as I am a fan of Definitive Editions or other sorts of cow-milking re-release trickery, I found the added stuff, fair pricing model, and the sole fact that this is Ori reasons enough to grab the controller once more.

Yep, Ori and the Blind Forest is in my eyes still the best looking game of all time. That much I can spoil. A browse of all this – untouched, native 4K – eye-watering beauty however does carry a certain risk of story spoilers, mind you!


The Funfair Four: Dead

There’s no denying that we, all four of us, aren’t all that bad at Left 4 Dead 2. I mean, at dying in it. Yeah, OK, we do get through eventually, but never without moments of slight off-tune more often than not descending into utter cacophonous free-for-all that’d make headless chicken proud.

This week, we have taken the concerto grosso of our quartet to, where else, the carnival.


Whilst that’d be it for our WeekEndGame series premiere, do feel free to post your weekender virtual shenanigans down there in the comments. Next, in a week or two, we’re learning to play with the Steam Controller.


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