The WeekEndGame: Not Alone, Just Lonely

Ah, video games. If only we had the time and resources to cover them all, every waking minute of each. Video games, even if they’re not a whole lot of actual games, are awesome. 2017’s first WeekEndGame sets out to explore some of those ‘non-gamey’ games.

Me, Watched Watching Fire

Firewatch first popped up in our diarised ramblings as a 2016 GOTY nominee. Yes, what essentially is a walking simulator and no, it wasn’t a moment of panic to merely pad the magnificent seven.

Narrated as beautifully and naturally as it is, the story of Firewatch will keep you engaged in all its simplistic and linear interactions like few big-budget blockbusters do. It’ll upset, it’ll soothe, it’ll thrill, and it’ll humour. The gallery of glorious-four-kay shots won’t show most of that, agreed. But given how touchingly beautiful Firewatch‘s cell-shade-like world is, we reckon it doesn’t have to.


Me, Guarded Guarding

Our relationship with Elite: Dangerous‘ vast-but-gut-wrenchingly lonely universe is that of joy. And love. And disillusion. And indeed hate.

The reason we had our stinky space suit dry-cleaned and back in service was of course the game’s two-year anniversary update 2.2, labelled perhaps too hazily The Guardians. With it, ship-launched fighters and passengers missions arrived. We liked that. And one of that, we still do. Watch that story being told in pictures below.


It does get a tad less lonely in the next WeekEndGame, that’s already a given. Stay tuned.

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