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The Complex: Nanotech Crisis Exposed

The Complex FMV Review

The Complex - Feature Picture
The Complex - Feature Picture

Title: The Complex
Developer: Wales Interactive
Publisher: Wales Interactive
Released: March 31, 2020
Platforms Available: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC Game, Mac Game, iOS, Android
Platform Reviewed: PlayStation 4
Article Reading Time: 5 minutes

The English independent company Wales Interactive has been on the scene for over ten years. For a relatively long time, their specialization in the production of interactive entertainment has settled in a rather specific genre of FMV. Thus, they produce purely cinematic projects of mostly predictable stories, where the player takes control over the main characters’ important but often less important decisions. Three years earlier, the popular crime drama Late Shift was released from their hands, which can be seen as an ideal example of what Wales Interactive can do.

The Complex - Some situations are tense
The Complex – Some situations are tense

Setting and Plot

During less than an hour of The Complex story, the player can follow the fate of nine characters, i.e., real actors, dominated by the main heroine and the likable Miss Amy Tenant. The original name is Michelle Mylett, a native of Canada. In the story, Dr. Amy Tenant takes us to the city of London in the near future. There, she works as a research manager at the renowned Kensington Company, which focuses on the top-secret development of nanotechnology, supposedly capable of completely revolutionizing conventional medical procedures. But as these stories go, something goes wrong, and with nanotechnology, we suddenly have a deadly virus capable of pushing your eyeballs out your ass.

Acting Performances

Fans of the series adaptation of the Game of Thrones universe should also be delighted by the presence of actress Kate Dickie, who, in this case, played the role of a resolute and uncompromising boss. I don’t want to make myself an expert on acting performances here. Still, after having run through this cinematic adventure three times in a row (after the first time, one can skip the repeated passages to essential decisions), I found the performance of the only well-known personality in this project rather unconvincing and lackluster. As was the performance of the rest of the cast, who needed to be helped by the below-average story. But let’s move on to the main points of gameplay.

The Complex - Space suits
The Complex – Space suits

Gameplay and Choices

Suppose you have ever played at least one project from Quantic Dream and are aware of the plot development scheme against the background of a purely cinematic adventure game. In that case, this FMV affair will bring you almost nothing. While the choice to help one at the expense of the other is logical, in the case of The Complex, it’s more of a forced ending to an often awkward situation where the chemistry between the characters is minimal. It’s a great pity that the creators didn’t give a little more attention to the complexity of the storyline and made everything conditional on three crucial endings, the point of which you will understand in the first playthrough.

The Complex - Usual Decisions
The Complex – Usual Decisions

Critical Assessment

To the question; can everyone in the game die, including you? I answer in the affirmative. But will it bother you? Not at all! This whole spectacle wouldn’t even work as a stand-alone film, no matter which of the scripts provided. Although it is difficult to judge the quality of a “play” of this type, I must, at the end of this review, reach for my feelings and drop the new play by the English authors. I can imagine a situation where the game would have gotten a better number. However, the script would have to be freed from the obviously illogical cracks, allowing us to make at least some contact with the main characters. Because this is precisely the principle on which interactive projection is supposed to work, the fact that someone has just died is supposed to tear your veins as a viewer with a real influence on the development. The Complex was rather disappointing and, therefore, received an average rating. Guys, try harder next time. We still have hope and trust in you!

Where to Buy The Complex

  1. Steam (PC, Mac): Available for $12.99. Purchase it directly from Steam.
  2. Epic Games Store (PC): Priced at $12.99. Available on the Epic Games Store.
  3. PlayStation Store (PS4): The game is available for $14.99 on the PlayStation Store.
  4. Xbox Store (Xbox One): Purchase it for $12.99 from the Xbox Store.
  5. Nintendo eShop (Switch): You can find it on the Nintendo eShop.
  6. App Store (iOS): Get it here on App Store.
  7. Google Play Store (Android) : Grab the game on Google Play


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