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Race To GOTY 2017: Vanquish


2017 is the year of Vanquish. And I will now tell you why is that.

With a few breaks here and there, for seven years – and I swear this is true – have I dreamt about how then-PS3-exclusive Vanquish feels. Every single time I touched a 3rd person shooty game. And then the day came. Platinum have ported Bayonetta, and hid a little teaser in its ‘patch’.

This boss is a reused asset. I’d say it’s not reused enough.

I hesitated for a while before I fired Vanquish up for the first time. What if it isn’t that hypersonic ride that I dreamt about? Wild, irresponsible, explosive, on the cutting edge of what’s possible in a 3rd person shooter, but one that’s always fluently and tightly controlled? What if I’m in for a sore disappointment, or what if – and that, rather irrationally, haunted me even more – they fucked up the port?

Some 6 hours later, without so much as thinking of a break, I was geared up for a second play-through on higher difficulty.

Even if the action freezes, the graphical effects don’t look too shabby. It’s when it all moves at 60 fps I’m thinking… diapers.

Yeah, Vanquish isn’t long, and it doesn’t have to be. It’s not despite the fact, it’s precisely because of the fact it’s simply unforgettable.


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