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The WeekEndGame: The Christmas Selfie Bonanza


This year, just as every year, ends on a note that’s as high as it is festive. As our Race To GOTY 2016 rages on, we bring you WeekEndGame with selfies, selfies, and some more selfies.

Divine Selfies

Divinity: Original Sin may be “so twenty-fourteen” release-wise and so even further back in time gameplay-wise, but believe you us when we say it stands the test of time with flying colours and qualifies as fucking epic.

Co-oping one’s way through hordes of fictional, horde-y, cannon fodder is one thing. Experiencing an entire story together is another entirely. We’ve had such a heart-warming, awesome time with Divinity: Original Sin‘s superb co-op, we simply can’t not squeeze a few snaps in.


Stig’s American Cousin Selfies

It is with reference to Top Gear’s infamous lorrying shenanigans we make it rather obvious where this is going and how is it going to get there.

Well, Arizona. The more expansive version of it. In an all-new, almost Optimus Primey, Peterbilt 389. Both, as I’m sure most will agree, provide quite a sight to behold, and a welcome distraction from the job behind the oversized wheel.

American Truck Simulator is our GOTY 2016 nominee.


Selfies, Sideways

And behind the wheel – well, virtual at least as my Logitech DFGT has no power here – we remain. As we do in proximity of the exclusive club of GOTY 2016 nominees.

The fanfare of arguably the ultimate open-world driving game hitting PC was preceded by the slightly quieter, but no less astonishing, release of Forza Motorsport 6: Apex. It was the first time ever Forza roared onto the platform.

It’d be missing-out-big-time to omit the free-to-play marvel, so we don’t. In, of course, glorious 4K.


Excluding our to-date lone special, The WeekEndGame has seen 11 episodes thus far and it’s been huge pleasure and fun delivering it. How did we do? Let us know in the comments. See you all next year!


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