Race To GOTY 2016: Transport Fever


The Race To GOTY series is exactly what it says on the tin. There will be new entries, overtakes, disqualifications, and of course uncompromising wheel-to-wheel to go along with it. Game of the year title is the prize.

A worthy – truly, literally worthy – successor to Chris Sawyer’s genius Transport Tycoon has been long overdue. With all the increasingly awesome techie bells and whistles out there, the absence of at least a remake has been simply baffling me. Imagine my excitement when Urban Games, authors of Train Fever that came close but not close enough, announced its version pimped with planes and ships.

Static shots, albeit not exactly terrible to look at, don’t do Transport Fever much justice.

Transport Fever was released last week and I’ve spent just under 30 hours in its traffic to give you one reason it’s here, now. That one reason is I, at one point, thought, “hang on a second. This may just be as good as Transport Tycoon.” And I didn’t immediately spit in disgust over putting the two games into one sentence.

Make no mistake, on medium difficulty or above, you’ll be sweating balancing costs and income.

I found Transport Fever to be one seriously beautiful, seriously thought-out, and seriously addictive planner-builder this. But – of course there’s a but – is being as good as another game, even though I love that other game dearly, good enough to keep up with the poshest-of-posh competition? Not long now until we see. Meanwhile, let me think how to supply this town with construction materials.

Profits are only part of why this game feels so satisfying. Mostly it’s how, through your actions, everything grows. And I do mean everything.

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