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I Saw Black Clouds: A Haunting Interactive Thriller

I Saw Black Clouds Review

I Saw Black Clouds
I Saw Black Clouds

Title: I Saw Black Clouds
Developer: Ghost Dog Films
Publisher: Wales Interactive
Released: March 30, 2021
Platforms Available: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC Game
Platform Reviewed: PlayStation 5 (PS4 Version)
Article Reading Time: 4 minutes

The interactive feature film is not among the most numerous representatives of our game libraries. Yet, there are several groups here that are dedicated to this genre. We can undoubtedly count the producers, including the Wales Interactive producers. They have already released several such games. On Steam, you can find, for example, the highly rated sci-fi The Complex, the dating Five Dates, or the mysterious film The Bunker. This time, the company has joined forces with Ghost Dog Films, resulting in a thrilling horror experience in the interactive film I Saw Black Clouds.

This title immerses you, the player, into the shoes of Christine, who returns to her hometown following the unexpected demise of her friend. As you delve deeper into the mystery, you unearth a startling truth that triggers a series of supernatural occurrences. ‘I Saw Black Clouds’ offers a gripping psychological thriller with a unique branching storyline. Your decisions during crucial moral dilemmas will shape the narrative, ensuring each playthrough is a distinct experience. The film closely mirrors your actions, adjusting some of the main character’s traits based on your choices. Depending on your progress, Christine’s honesty, strength, morality, tact, and self-knowledge may evolve. However, other factors like relationships with minor characters or the main character’s acceptance of supernatural situations will also influence the plot.

The lead role in this captivating interactive film is portrayed by the talented Nicole O’Neill, known for her work in the series Penny Dreadful. Fans can also look forward to seeing Rachel Jackson (Outlander) and Larry Rew (Avatar) in this thrilling narrative. The film also offers unlockable features and a special streaming mode for an enhanced viewing experience.

Now, a short journey to the verdict
If you enjoy movies or series with a horror touch and a gloomy atmosphere, ‘I Saw Black Clouds’ is the title for you. However, if you have a discerning taste for movies, rest assured that the film’s qualities shine through despite its smaller budget. It’s a Bcc production, after all, and its reputation in the game is well-established.

Where to Buy I Saw Black Clouds

  1. Steam (PC): Available for $12.99 (currently on sale for $2.51). You can purchase the game directly from Steam
  2. PlayStation Store (PS4): The game is in discount for $8.45 and can be found on the PlayStation Store
  3. Xbox Store: I Saw Black Clouds is available for $12.99. Check it out on the Xbox Store
  4. Epic Games Store (PC): Available for $12.99 (currently on sale for $7.79). You can purchase it from the Epic Games Store


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