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Ruiner (The WeekEndGame)


Weirdly enough, the seventeenth WeekEndGame comes two weeks after the fifteenth one. Don’t get used to it though. What you should get used to is me drooling over and gushing about Ruiner.

Cyber Grind Core

When I heard the first few minutes of Strapping Young Lad’s album City, I asked, aloud, just what the fuck was that idiotic, senseless, macho-growling death metal shit and stopped the playback. But at the same time, somehow, don’t ask me how, I knew I needed… to cancel all my immediate plans and look for headphones.

When I died for about twentieth time in Ruiner‘s tutorial, I asked, aloud, just what the fuck is this idiotic, senseless, macho-clickfest hardcore “gamer” shit and quit the game. But at the same time… yeah, way I see it, Ruiner is to video games what SYL’s genius City is to metal music. A journey through multiple dimensions of raw, unadulterated awesome, an irresponsibly hard-hitting masterpiece.

Exo Mercs. They’ll kill you. It’s not a threat, it’s not a joke, it’s Newtonian fact.

Hello Darkness, Hello Ruiner

The year is 2091, hyperloop didn’t pick up nearly as much as anime and Blade Runner, Satellite Reign is a documentary, all street cats are surveillance robots, and you are assuming a role of some cyborg guy with a mighty kewl dot-matrix display on his face. The way Ruiner presents its premises is as indescribable as it is, in a word, immaculate. All the little intricacies of its heavy cyberpunk setting put on paper would send one’s head into a spin, but the way the narrative makes you aware of them is on the opposite side of indigestible. See ‘Kill Boss’ as your first objective.

Make no mistake, if Ruiner was anything else than a video game, I’d probably be shaking on the floor with foam in my mouth mere couple of minutes into it. It’s, paradoxically, its absolutely insane, sixty-deaths-a-minute twin-stick action that had me keep my shit together. I never needed a break – sweet, sweet death was my break.

What can I add to the insignificant little write-up and gallery above? Well, if I was to (very violently, I expect) vomit everything that’s on my mind out, we’d be here for a very long time. But we don’t want that, do we. We want to play games.

I thank and bow down to Reikon Games for this last weekend. Who do you?


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