The WeekEndGame: Hard Welcomes, Harder Goodbyes


We mutate our weekly game of Oblivion Express in Starcraft 2 and stare heartbroken and gutted as we say goodbye to Ori once again.

Biohazard Cargo

Patch 3.3 arrived to our never-ending chain of Starcraft 2 co-op to see it become, umm… more never-ending? Never-endinger?

Whatever. Blizzard didn’t exactly strum the right strings with us locking the new co-op commander, the witty Zerg Abathur, behind a preposterous paywall. But there’s still a-lot-and-some to like about the latest content patch. Artanis and Swann tell us.


Over the Moon

Few video game goodbyes are as tear-jerkingly ecstatic yet movingly dire as Moon Studios’ immaculate platformer’s ending. I finished Ori and the Blind Forest last year and felt worldly enough to experience it again, with rather a critic’s non-indulgence.

Oh how mistaken have I been! The little white magical mouse-weasel-monkey-thing will hit you over the head with Epic Hammer of Emotion no matter how self-possessed you are. You have to play this game and if you have, you have to play it again.

Here’s the unedited (compressed), HUD-less, native 4K gallery following the second half of our Definitive Edition playthrough. Obviously, there be massive spoilers ahead!


We’ll be off a bunch of thousands of miles to (un)known urban pastures so there’s no real telling what alcohol-fuelled surprise lurks about the next WeekEndGame, but we’re already eyeing our long-parked HOTAS. Keep it locked.

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