The WeekEndGame: Doomsday’s Open-Top Double-Decker Tours Part 2


Hello all you underwear-folding, sunscreen-squeezing, passport-forgetting afficionados! In today’s WeekEndGame, we continue where we left off, but this time, we leave the tranquil safety of our home. This time, we fly!

Gabe Newell’s Amazing Airports

Check-in. Security. Duty free. For most of us, these are words from nightmares. Not so much for Gabe though, as he’s unafraid to add some pepper to the whole depressing routine.

Mind you, there is one question the two takes on air travel have in common. Will we die a slow and painful death before we’ve managed to get the hell out of the crowded concourses?


Doom Guy’s Guide To Sun-kissed South

Now would you just look at all the exotic landscape. A sight to behold it is indeed. And just you wait what this exclusive destination has to offer!

Dramatic cliffs, picturesque waterfalls, mystery-veiled back alleys, open-space squares teeming with life, secluded mountain-tops whispering ancient history and wisdom. This place has got the lot and Doom Guy won’t stop until he’s been-there, done-that.


And that’s all the heart-warming post cards we had to throw atcha today. Don’t remove that RSS subscription. And don’t forget to bring a towel.

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