Race To GOTY 2017: Cat Quest

2017 is the year of Cat Quest. And I will now tell you why is that.

Yeah, that’s right. I have neither lost all my shit, nor am I, in a somewhat extraordinary twist of events, drunk out of my skull. I did say Cat Quest.

Cat puns should suck. Why they don’t in Cat Quest, I’ve no idea. They just don’t.

And yeah, I hear ya, dearest PC master race. It looks like a mobile game. Hell, it plays like one. And I hear ya too, my beloved dick-swinging hardcore gamer. It reeks of filthy casualism from country miles away. And, lest I forget all the noble commie revolutionaries, no, it’s on the upside indeed not a cash-grabbing triple-A loot box fuckery. And I don’t care.

You may find the screenies rather banged together in a hurry. That’s because they are. That’s because I couldn’t get myself to quit the game and fire up Afterburner during my playthrough.

The 10-or-so hours in which I’ve beaten Cat Quest in virtually a single breath were among the very (well, seven) funnest experiences I have had all year. A no-bullshit simple ARPG distilled down to the bone of ARPG; snappy hack ’em up, varied loot ’em up, and duh, engaging quest ’em up. It doesn’t think much outside the box, but it doesn’t clutter or sacrifice absolutely anything.

Cat Quest is ruddy superb. I mean it.

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