Hob (The WeekEndGame)

Hob released on the same day as Ruiner. 2017, why you do this?


In Hob, you play a… person… thing… with glowy eyes and a hand made out of what by all evidence seems to be a rock. Amongst other things, you use it to punch stuff. But that’s not what the heading is referring to.

If you’re the one guy that reads this shit regularly, you’d know by now that I had a bit of a problem with Hob. Not only did I actually bother to write about it, it nearly made me hang the gamepad up. Hob was up to a rocky start with me, to say the least.

Just like most good open worlds, Hob’s got a hub.

The Meaning of Hob

I’ll have you know that Hob means either hobgoblin in dialectal English, or mischief in… normal… English. There sure are hobgoblin-like creatures about Hob‘s beautifully mechanical landscapes. As far as mischief is concerned…

Hob, apart from not-exactly-deep-but-very-much-fun combat, presents a challenge in puzzles involving realigning platforms and metroidvania-like progression through its open world. And while the individual areas had me nearly ecstatic over their cleverness and beauty, each return out into the open couldn’t do without me feeling a little lost again.

Maybe, just maybe, is Hob‘s occasional loss of ability to properly explain itself deliberate. If that’s the case, I can’t say I’m over the moon about it. Nevertheless, Hob is one beautiful, and beautifully crafted, video game that I don’t regret spending time on one tiniest bit.

What do you not regret doing this weekend?

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