WePlayGames.net Game Of The Year 2017

The time has come for only one of the magnificent seven to stand tall. Here’s our game of the year 2017.

Surprising as it may be as I wholeheartedly declare 2017 one of best years in video games ever, I didn’t have much of problem to declare its absolute ruler. In fact, it did seem I wouldn’t have this problem since as early as February.

NieR: Automata is mind-blowing. It’s not afraid of anything, be it an Earth-shattering genre mash-up, or a head-on attack on deepest philosophical questions. Luck does favour the brave, but not for a second do I believe the sheer genius of Yoko Taro left anything to luck in this case. Is is once again with the words of Jim Sterling that I wave the eye-wateringly superb 2017 farewell:

NieR: Automata; Fucking. Brilliant.

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