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Race To GOTY 2016: Red:Out


The Race To GOTY series is exactly what it says on the tin. There will be new entries, overtakes, disqualifications, and of course uncompromising wheel-to-wheel to go along with it. Game of the year title is the prize.

When I named this series a ‘race’ I didn’t honestly anticipate just how much vehicular would it actually get. We already have a ginormous selection of real-world cars joined by a fleet of American lorries. And now, we have to keep track of a bunch of anti-grav… things, too.

It all starts in a fairly relaxed manner. Don’t you dare blink though.

Whatever the industry calls this genre that originated probably in 1993’s MegaRace and was almost certainly brought to the masses in 1995’s Wipeout, I call it ‘crazy racing’. Common denominators? Insane epileptic pace, power-ups, and death. A lot of death.

Red:Out, whilst competent in recalling that rather nostalgic vibe, is so much more than just that. With aesthetic confidence on the back of the mighty Unreal Engine 4, it rejuvenates undying love for this type of racing. The love the industry buried in the likes of excellent Blur, or briefly celebrated in Wii’s Mario Kart.

When you see stuff like this you just know that shit just got real.

Red:Out is a puppy to pick up. It’ll run at blistering frame rates on almost anything and it’ll take almost anyone to its hypersonic heights. Be warned though. It’s a fully-grown bitch to master. We are infinitely grateful for developers like 34BigThings who understand what video games are all about.

Flying is what people do to enjoy some scenery. Red:Out does it to give you a heart attack.


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